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Agents Office - Eagle Lake Depot - Former Gulf Colorado & Santa Fe Railway
Very nice website on an example rail depot office complete with operator's station.

Bear Creek and South Jackson - Time Tables and Train Order Operations
Good examples of time tables and train order operations

How to Write Telegrams Properly - Ross, Nelson E. 1928
Transcribed by Neal McEwen, K5RW - Excellent online instruction book on writing telegrams properly.

Running Trains by Telegraph - How It's Done
Excellent website on using telegraph for train operations.

South Coast Railroad Museum - A Visit to the Freight Office
Very nice website showing a railway freight office with office items explained.

Timetable and Train Order Operation, A Primer - Amsler Jr., Robert J. 1999
This is an excellent summary of how train orders are handled with a variety of forms described.

What a Train Dispatcher Does - Hine, Charles De Lano. ca. 1898
Very nice transcription of the actual operations of how train orders are dispatched.



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