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MTC International President

Jim Wades

301 Chippewa St.
Buchanan, MI
USA 49107-1107

MTC International  Secretary-Treasurer

Cindy Galyen

29150 Windsor Road
Culpeper, VA
USA 22701-8660
(540) 423-1014

Editor, Dots & Dashes

James L. Wilson
2742 Southern Hills Ct.
North Garden, VA
USA 22959
(434) 245-7041

For Membership Info and Dots & Dashes, Contact the International Secretary
For Article Submission or Classfieds in Dots & Dashes, Contact the Editor

Current Directors
Lake E.Trump, appointed 1987
Lavina Shaw, appointed 1998. Retired as Intl. Pres. effective 4/30/2007, and as Director effective 1/1/2008
Keith E. LeBaron, appointed 2000. Retired September 8,2008
*George J. Nixon, Jr., appointed 2000. Retired 11/1/2013
James A. Wades, appointed 2004
Tom Hamblin, appointed 2009
Roland Normandeau, appointed 2011
Robert Foote, appointed 2011
*Cindy Galyen, appointed 2011

* Persons never appointed as Director, but who are members of the Board of Directors per Section 1 of the By-Laws

Former Directors Now Deceased
Sidney K.Vaughan, appointed 1987. Deceased 4/18/2011
J. W. "Bill" Ryan, appointed 2008. Deceased 9/16/2013
A. Edgar "Ed" Cox, appointed 2009. Deceased 10/16 or 25/2012

Honorary Past-International Presidents
James R. Adkins
William K. Dunbar
Lavina Shaw

Ted Wagner


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